There are many different styles of brochure, and even more uses for them. They can be used in a direct mail campaign to let customers know about certain promotions or handed out at events and tradeshows to give prospective clients an interactive and informative way to learn about your company. They can be used as a map for a campground or a product introduction for a tech company. They can be used as a calendar for summer events or a list of donors for your fundraiser. The practical uses are limitless. Let our in-house graphic designers create an eye-catching brochure for your company for any variety of uses.

Brochures also come in many different folded forms, such as:

  • Barrel fold
  • Double parallel fold
  • Gate fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Z-fold
  • Accordion fold
  • ...and more

Click here to see different diagrams of brochure folds.

Don't have enough content for a brochure? Flyers are a great way to get your information out as well.

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